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Pizza With Extra Creeps


When Max Walker hears a ghostly moaning coming from the room next to his and sees eyes peering at him from behind the curtains, he begins to believe the rumors that his new house is haunted. Could all the pizza he's been eating cause him to see and hear strange things?

Max is sure it's more than Pizza With Extra Creeps!


Dr. Shivers' Carnival


Looks can be deceiving when fear backs you into a corner. Enjoy thrills and chills with the kids in this story who have fun as they demonstrate Christian character based on love for God, parents, and one another. You'll share a scare. . . But, of course, ghouls and ghosts are strictly in the imagination.

Kyle Conlon discovers that a bizarre carnival has mysteriously appeared overnight right next door to his uncle's house. He and this three friends, Sara, Sammy and Brent, set out to investigate.

The carnival's owner, Dr. Shivers, invites the four of them to try all the amusements for free - if they're brave enough. The original title on the first release was Dr. Shivers' Carnival of Terror.


Stay Tuned For Terror


Kari, Juan, Matthew, and Bethany's favorite TV show - Tales of Terror - is looking for four new hosts. But when the invitation comes to audition at an old abandoned house, the kids find them selves caught in a real life Tales of Terror episode. Are they trapped is a spooky TV set? Stay tuned. . . For terror!


The Phantom of Phys Ed


It was bad enough being the new kid at Crider Middle School. But when Caitlin bumps into the locker of Hezekiah Bones - the kid who disappeared over fifty years ago - she thinks she received his curse. Yet if this "phantom of phys ed" isn't real, then why is she breaking out in a rash, her friend turning invisible, and a mysterious person following her?


Tuck Me In, Mummy


Would you spend the night in an Egyptian pyramid? Jessica and her twin brother get the chance when the local museum asks their father to set up the King Tut exhibit. During the night, Jessica hears strange noises from the tomb's inner chamber. When ancient mummies suddenly come to life, she sets out to unravel both the mystery and the cloth-wrapped creeps!


Attack of the Killer House


Anna and Johnny Greger are looking forward to a quiet day at home. When Jonny's science project - a robot - attacks Anna, she thinks it's just Johnny playing a joke. But she knows something is terribly wrong when her hair dryer flies, their video game shoots back at them, and the lawn mower takes off on its own. But a house can't attack people. Or can it?


Hospitals Make Me Sick


While on a trip in the mountains, Scotty injures his elbow. But to their amazement, Scotty, his brother, Michael, and their cousin Deanna find that the hospital might be hazardous to their health! The chief doctors - Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll - are quite spooky, the hospital gowns have bullseyes painted on them, and the only way to escape is to solve a mysterious riddle.


Birthday Cake and I Scream


It's MacKenzie's twelfth birthday. He'd like a paintball party, but his mom books the party at Spookie the Clown's Hall of Pizza. Unlimited play on the video games makes it pretty cool, until Spookie shows up with some games of his own. Soon, all the kids want to win is a chance to get out!


Not a Creature Was Stirring


The week before Christmas, while Andrwe's family is preparing for a skiing vacation in Colorado, Andrew breaks his leg. And his parents decide that he better stay home this year. Fortunately--or unfortunately--Great Aunt Bergen, and strange things start to happen when she arrives.


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