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Buffalo Bill and the Magic Amulet Chapter One of the audiobook.

The Faith and Fantasy Alliance has created the Realm Awards to recognize the most excellent speculative fiction books written by Christian authors in the previous calendar year.

The Realm Award is quite prestigious and I am honored to be one of the three top fiction book for 2016 in my category. Like any author I do not write to win awards but to create a great story, but sales and awards are really, really nice. Thank you to Castle Gate Press for their hard work and belief in my abilities. They deserve this award more than I do.

In May of 2017, Cruel Messenger was selected as the Best Speculative Fiction for a novel written and published in 2016, with the reception of the Selah Award. It is a great honor to know that others have recognized my hard work and dedication to the craft of writing. 

More news for Cruel Messenger. Castle Gate Press will end their publishing deal with the book at the end of 2019. The book will become Book I of the new Cruel Messenger series. Book II: Don't Stare At the Devil will be released with Book I: The Wisdom of Solomon as a two book volume set. More value, more action and more Cruel Messenger.

Cruel Messenger is now a series

The Wisdom of Solomon 750x1125.jpg
I have moved all my fiction titles to World Castle Publishing. They are re-issuing Cruel Messenger as a series title. The original title of the Award Winning best speculative fiction of 2017 was the Wisdom of Solomon. The second book in the Cruel Messenger series will be Don't Stare At the Devil. These titles will be released in 2019 and 2020.
The Wisdom of Solomon rockets along at a breakneck pace as Detective Jude Cameron tries to unravel a rats' nest of betrayal, corrupt civic leaders, and Muslim terrorists. His beloved Pittsburgh is under attack, but the danger is much bigger than anyone suspects. Meanwhile Jude's elderly mother keeps seeding his frantic efforts to unravel the case with prophetic mysteries, while an unknown assassin keeps trying to kill him. Jude's world gets increasingly murky until the climactic conclusion when Jude and his remaining friends confront a catastrophic threat."  Rick Knox
"Brain Byters, A Nanobot Kids Adventure" was released as an Ebook by Crossroad Press.
It has been several years since I wrote my first bestselling Middle-reader (ages 8-12) series for Thomas Nelson Publishing entitled Spinechillers Mysteries. I tried several ideas since then, but it wasn't until I saw a documentary on nanobots that I got the inspiration for a fun and informative series. Working with my two grandsons on the idea produced this first book in the series. It is planned as a 12 book series. 
Nanobots are robots so small that they can move through your bloodstream to help cure diseases and will soon carry information and data directly to your brain. Dr. Christopher Columbus is the world's leading scientist on nanobots when he is kidnapped by an evil spy. His rescue is up to his two sons, Cam and Zach, his eighty-eight year old grandmother, a dog and a lab rat. The odds are not good for the scientist until his youngest son sends nanobots to attach to each of their brains. The odds get better when the nanobots create a genius boy, his world's greatest martial artist brother, a talking dog, a ferocious, talking rat and a fearless senior citizen. Can they defeat the evil spy and his evil crew? Will their plan work? Will Cam get a chance to use his karate chops on the bully at school?
Available now at Amazon and all other ebook outlets.
The Sign of the End REV 1800x2700.jpg

The Sign of the End


Before the end times come. Before His return. Before the Rapture. Before being LEFT BEHIND...there was the Sign of the End


The Sign of the End answers the age old question that the Disciples brought to Jesus on the Mount of Olives. They asked, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”

The Bible is filled with prophecies about the end of the age, the end of the world, the second coming, the Great Tribulation and the rapture. The Sign of the End is a must read for anyone who fears that you might be Left Behind.

What if Jesus was cloned? Would the world accept him? Would they worship him? What if those responsible for cloning and training him had questionable motivation? This novel reveals the possible signs of the end of the age.

"The Sign of the End reads like a run-away train hurtling towards a washed-out bridge."

Buffalo Bill and the

Magic Amulet


The Wild West was tamed by men like Buffalo Bill Cody. It has been hard to separate the myth from the legend and from the truth. In Buffalo Bill and the Magic Amulet, a young boy travels into the past to meet with Will Cody who would become the West's greatest hero, Buffalo Bill. This middle reader gives a child the feeling of being in the midst of Bill's greatest adventures. Written by Timothy W. Ayers and a new novelist, Jude B. Rennie and published by World Castle Press.

Magical Murder 3D Book Cover.png

Magical Murder Mystery Tour has been released.

World Castle Publishing has released my latest novel. I believe, and have been told, that this is my best ever. I can tell you that it certainly has been the longest book from conception to published. It is available on Amazon or at World Castle Publishing.

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