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The new release, I Hate New Sunday School Classes, is now available at in paperback and as an eBook. It follows the character, Judachew, a singing mouse, as he moves to a new home and faces a new group of kids, a hungry cat and a mean, conniving Bishop.


World Castle Publishing published The Sign of the End on February 15th, 2016. See the books page for ordering information.



Castle Gate Press will publish Cruel Messenger in October 2016. I am really excited about this book. I feel it is my best so far. If you are in the literary field and would like a review copy contact me at


Crossroads Press will publish the Nanobot Kids 12 volume children's series beginning with Book 1: Brain Byters in 2016.


I've been working on a new children's series from time to time called Hysterical Hystory Mysteries. The first one is called "We Taught Lincoln to Rap." I am working with my grandson on this series. Nine year old imaginations are fresher that us old guys.


Several years ago I came up with the concept for  a book about a serial killer that leaves clues and leads through Beatles' song clips. That book is hurtling towards a finishing point. Keep watching the news on this page to catch up on the progress of the book.

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