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Timothy W. Ayers has been both a prolific author and cartoonist for nearly thirty years. The following books were done under Timothy W. Ayers, Fred E. Katz and T.W. Ayers. All the same author with all the same style. The books move quickly and seem to never stop until the very end...and even then the author leaves you wondering.

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What are nanobots? First of all, they are not fiction. They are real. Scientist have created really small, I mean really small, robots that can move through your bloodstream to clean veins. Scientists are already working on nanobots that can deliver information to your brain and attach itself. You will know things and have skills without study or working on them. That is the kind of scientist that Chris Columbus is but he is kidnapped by a terrorist leaving his two sons, Cam and Zach, his one eyed dog, a talking lab  rat and a very old grandmother to save him. Brain Byters, a Nanobot Kids Adventure, is written for the middle reader age group and published by Crossroad Press as an ebook on Amazon.ocm

The Sign of the End


The Sign of the End novel reads like a run-away bullet train racing towards a washed-out bridge. Before the end times come. Before His return. Before the Rapture. Before being LEFT BEHIND...there was the Messiah Clone. Discover the signs of the end.

The Sign of the End answers the age old question that the Disciples brought to Jesus on the Mount of Olives. They asked, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” The Sign of the End will be published by World Castle Publishing, LLC on February 15, 2016.

The Wisdom of Solomon

Cruel Messenger Series Book One

An open and shut case? Clues from a mysterious source lead to a deeper plot

Can a rogue cop unravel the truth in time to stop a terrorist’s cruel plans?

The last two years had been cruel to Detective Jude Cameron, robbing him of those he loved most. His faith already shattered, he now he faces the death of his mentor. But the clues are too obvious, too easy.

When his Alzheimer-ridden mother begins to spout biblical Proverbs that speak directly to the puzzling murder, he follows them in spite of her claim that the wisdom comes directly from the long-dead King Solomon, supposedly her nightly dinner partner. They the door to a trail of mysterious clues that point to a much larger plot.

Detective Cameron works inside a jigsaw puzzle of questions and events to unravel the true killers while facing off his own assassin. With all the details cruelly stacked against him, rogue cop Jude Cameron, must become the messenger to stop it all, the Cruel Messenger he was destined to be. Cruel Messenger is scheduled to be published October 2016 by Castle Gate Press. Watch this site or at for the release date. 

Living Parables


These brief 3- to 5-minute skits provide an effective introduction for a talk or sermon. Other uses are for family night programs, Bible study introductions, youth meetings, and special times of the year such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Easter. A topical index lists dozens of subjects the skits address: from aging, business practices, children, and friendship to lying, marriage, mid-life crisis, relationships, and work.

A Lenten Faith Journey


A LENTEN FAITH JOURNEY is written for those who see faith as a step by step walk. We could be on that journey at any particular place. You could have just started it or be close to the end of the pathway. Each devotional's perspective allows you to see yourself and your place on the journey. They begin with Ash Wednesday but can be started at any time before Easter. A newly revised edition for 2019 is now available.

There's a Mouse In the Store

Judachew, the singing mouse, goes shopping with his friend Riley at a large department store in town. The sight of a mouse in the store has strange and comical effects on the customers and the workers. Riley's greatest fear is that the store manager, her grandmother, will find out she brought a mouse to Boscov's Department store.

A Christmas Eve Miracle

This is a story of hope when we need hope the most. Young Alexa Bailey is the perfect optimist who finds no challenge too great and no miracle too far away. On Christmas Eve the pastor's wife sang "Oh, Holy Night" for over 30 years. This year she is very ill and everyone is praying for a Christmas Eve miracle. Everyone except Mrs. Bigfitter. Mrs. Bigfitter is the meanest, most selfish person Alexa had ever met. 
For Christmas Eve Alexa and her friends who live inside the walls of the old church must deliver a miracle and put Mrs. Bigfitter in her place. Can hope and optimism win out over mean spirited actions? Can Alexa and her friend, Judachew, bring the right magic for a miracle on Chistmas Eve?

SpineChillers Mysteries 3 in 1

Thomas Nelson Publishing re-released the bestselling books from the SpineChillers Mysteries series as a hardbound three in one combination. These books help the middle reader sort out what is real and what is pure imagination. They are scary but they have a solid Christian message that run through each one. 


Kids will enjoy thrills and chills with the children in these stories who have fun as they demonstrate Christian character based on love for God, parents, and one another. Readers share a scare . . . but, of course, ghouls and ghosts are strictly in the imagination.


Power Dads

Written with Trinity Evangelical Divinity School's Professor of Family Ministries, Dr. Charles (Chick) Sell. Power Dads is an instructive insight into being a good father. It is an easy to read, user-friendly manual for growing as a parent. Tim Ayers edited the book, wrote the Action Points and illustrated each section. Power Dads was a bestseller in the Phillipines.


It Can Be a Funny Faith

In the ministry a pastor gets to see both the wonderful things of life and the underbelly of life as well. The only way to survive is by laughing. This book is a collection of cartoons that look at the church and Christians with a large tongue in cheek. If you need to laugh or just reflect on the ironies of daily living then It Can Be a Funny Faith can help. After over 30 years in the ministry, Tim Ayers has placed his body of religious cartoons into one volume. The perspective is more from the pastoral end than the laity side but you will be able to see yourself and your pastor in the toons. In fact, it might be nice to send a link to your pastor. Maybe he could use a laugh. He may recognize the cartoons from Leadership Journal.


How Cheez Whiz Is Made

If laughter is the best medicine then How Cheez Whiz Is Made is probably the cheapest healthcare you can find. With each chuckle you will gain strength. With each chortle you will feel better. With each giggle you will get more get up and go. Guffaw your way to better health. Belly laugh that belly away. Consider this book a community service that costs you nothing.


Fright Time: Gore Tour

With Goosebumps all the rage, author Tim Ayers signed on to write two middle reader novels for the Fright Time Series. Issue 16 features his book, Gore Tour (not to be confused with the former VP's public appearances). This wax museum has a lot more life than the typical lifesized candle display.


Fright Time: Dead End Drive-In

With Goosebumps all the rage, author Tim Ayers signed on to write two middle reader novels for the Fright Time Series. Issue 10 features his book, Dead End Drive-in. Ayers says it was probably the most fun book to write. "There is something about Drive-ins that just plain scares me."


I Hate New Sunday School Classes

This Judachew, the Singing Mouse, Adventure of "I Hate New Sunday School Classes" is a thriller written for the elementary age child. Singing mice? Sunday School? Thriller? Are you joking? No. Going to a new school, a new church or a new Sunday School can be frightening for an elementary age child. Judachew faces his fear of the big move and the new Sunday School class and finds it to be a real adventure. His family arrives and discovers that the church building is being sold to become a cat hotel. Argh! Worse yet, Judachew faces his greatest nemesis, The Great Catsby, who has one desire: to see Judachew on his dinner plate. This is a great resource for any church to give to their new students (and to their existing students to learn how to handle new students).


Five Little Christmas Dramas for Today's Kids

CSS Publishing has realeased another set of Tim's dramas, only this time they are designed for small church Sunday School Christmas productions. After watching and cringing through many Christmas plays produced by small church Sunday Schools, Tim decided to writes plays that allowed children to be themselves and with topics they could relate to. This is the product of that prayerful, heartfelt journey.

Buffalo Bill and the Magic Amulet

Josh Brand finds a magic amulet while visiting the Buffalo Bill Museum in LeClaire, IA. The amulet sends him back in time where he visits Buffalo Bill in various stages of his life from his childhood in LeClaire, his move to Kansas, his rides with the Pony Express, the great buffalo hunts, and finally to his world famous Wild West Show. Readers will gain insight into the history of the old west, the Pony Express and the harrowing life of the late 1800's. The book is written for the Middle Reader and filled with page-turning action.

Imagining the Gospels: Cycle B Sermons for Lent and Easter Based on the Gospel Texts 

is the latest from Rev. Timothy W. Ayers. As a pastor who writes his messages while also writing novels, children's books, and short dramas, Rev. Ayers found himself working hard to visually create the picture of what was happening in the gospel accounts. Why? These were people listening to Jesus. They would have had emotions about the topics. They would have had little things they recognized when Jesus spoke about lambs, shepherds, and vines. Much like our congregants, there would be nods of recognition toward experiences in their lives. His goal was to get the listener to imagine themselves, with their feelings, and their reasons for being in church, to better use their cognitive skills, inside the stories.
At other times, Ayers sought to take them on a week by week journey through the Easter season. He didn't assume they have a relationship with Christ. He didn't assume they are vibrant, serving members of the congregation. He only assumed that the listener is seeking something they do not have. He was attempting to take them one step further on a journey from week to week. 
At times Rev. Ayers brings humor to the scene in order to lighten the mood of the listener. The body relaxes when we laugh and that helps us to hear the message. Imagining the Gospels hopefully will achieve this.


World Castle Publishing has released my latest novel. I believe, and have been told, that this is my best ever. I can tell you that it certainly has been the longest book from conception to published. It is available on Amazon or at World Castle Publishing.


The Lenten season is an ideal place to start your journey to a deeper walk with Christ. These 40 devotionals will encourage you in your search for a faith that is real to you. They were co-written with Dr. Ron Stormer, Deacon Don Davis and Deacon Steve Baum. Take the time to walk closer to God as the book guides you on the Pathway. Available on Amazon in both paperback and an ebook format.

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