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Here I am nearly 30 years later and looking back at my own writing career. It was always my intention to write. In high school I took typing so I could write. I tell people that I type 100 wpm unfortunately it is with about 50 mistakes. I was never very good but it was the first step in my writing career. In college, I entered as an English major but found out you had to study so I switched to art. I wasn't very good at that either but I could manage a good cartoon once in awhile.  I started writing seriously after my former wife said that I was juvenile and that I should write juvenile books. My career was born. In the first year of my writing career I ended up with 15 contracts with publishers. It was an exciting time and it made me thankful that I never suffered from writer's bloc. 

I recently moved to LeClaire, Iowa where I play with two wonderful grandhildren. It was hard to leave Cam and Zach in Pennsylvania but they are always present in my mind and the lead character in my upcoming Nanobot Kids series. The two in Iowa are such a joy to be around. Jude has an imagination like mine and I am sure we will author a few books together. And Lily? She is joy incarnate. 


This website covers the panorama of my works. Some of these books are being offered for free and I want you to download and enjoy them.


There are several works in progress. I like to have at least two books in the works for when my ADD kicks in. Then I just jump to the other one. On the Future Releases page I review those that are in progress. There are others but these are the ones that are actually moving along at a steady, albeit slow, pace.


Feel free to contact me. I enjoy hearing from either writers or readers. Books are a favorite topic (even those I did not write).

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