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Fistful of Regrets


"The waves lap along my body. I’m praying the waves would wash the elephant off my chest but he’s still sitting there with one leg pressing down on my left arm. The pain is intense. Why won’t he get off? My bigger question should have been why is an elephant at the beach? Dogs aren’t even allowed on this beach!"


So begins a birthday walk on the beach for Calvin Wesley. His heart attack affords him the choice of a lifetime. God gives him an opportunity to change one regret in his regretful life. Calvin has a fistful of beachstones that remind him of each of his regrets. This artful novel reviews Calvin's regrets as he reviews his life. He has the opportunity to change one event. Will it be the right one? Will it change his life?


Watch for the release of this book.

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THE BEATLE MURDERS has a new title



Retiring cop, John "Moondog" Watson has a month to go before leaving the force and launcing his own business, a Beatles memorabilia shop. It has been a lifelong dream that he has worked towards since his early teens. It was within reach until the day that the serial killer, Bungalow Bill, creates his first masterpiece in insane murder. Watson, and FBI Profiler Prudence Trew, must solve each clue given in recorded Beatle song clips before he kills again and again. If you love the Beatles, interested in their music and think you know Beatles' trivia history then the Magical Murder Mystery Tour will keep you riveted and guessing from page one. World Castle Press is releasing this in 2019.

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